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Advantages of automated billing for your Kirana store


In the financial year 2020, there were more than 50 lakh active PoS terminals in India. POS terminals saw steady growth in sectors like restaurants, grocery shops, petrol pumps, etc. 

Managing a retail business hasn’t been an easy task especially when it comes to billing a long queue of waiting impatient customers but the issue is by and large tackled with the advent of POS billing solutions.

Running effective billing operations is a significant factor in determining the success of your business. If there is a heavy footfall at your store & in case you are using manual or semi-automatic machines it will be trouble for you to do billing for multiple customers at the same time. Customers have to wait in long queues to check out and that will reduce their interest.

How can POS billing feature benefit your retail business?

A up-to-date POS with billing feature offers immense benefits to your business including the following:

Systematic Billing

One challenge that every retailer faces is disorganized billing data. They can perform the billing operations efficiently to some extent but if there is a high volume of daily transactions it won’t be possible to do billing quickly & keep track of each transaction over a longer time duration, let us say in 18-24 months due to system hardware limitations.

Whereas with the POS billing feature you can create and track bills for a large number of transactions without any hassle. Furthermore, it keeps a record of each transaction in a systematic and chronological order which aids in finding a specific bill. Also, it helps in GST compliances too as continuous bill no wise data is required for uploading each month for an eligible retailer. 

You can always re-print a duplicate bill on customer request for a very old purchase. You can even filter the results in terms of date, time, day, shift, and even order types such as online or offline to find a particular bill. With this, you can find the desired data on your table.

Support Multiple Transactions

One cool feature of the POS billing feature is that you can perform multiple billing transactions from a single screen at the same time. You can manage up to 5 transactions at the same time. You may hold a particular bill for valid reasons and quickly navigate between multiple billing screens as required.

In case of any emergency transactions or for first aid products, you can add a new bill and complete the transaction and hold the other bills for time being.

Customer Relationship Management

Nowadays, due to the increased competition, it is important for you to know your customers and their preferences. Who they are and what do they want?

Answering these questions is tough, knowing the needs & wants of your customers and serving them accordingly.

POS billing data offers a great feature to you where you can create a separate account for your customers and fill in their details.

You can use this feature to create an account for your regular customers and for one-time customers you can add them as a guest and do the checkout.

It benefits in answering the important questions such as

  • When the customer has created an account?
  • What are the items he buys frequently?
  • What is his Average Order Value (AOV) & frequency of purchase?
  • Balance amount or overdraft amount of a customer?

Apart from that it also displays the transaction history of a customer which helps in finding the taste & preference of your customer.

Credit Management

Almost every business needs sales on credit. A billing feature helps to keep track of customer’s purchases and payments. A billing feature helps you in managing your customers credit accounts more effectively. It facilitates you in creating a customer account and enables you to set his credit limit, track the deposit(s) made, and the balance credit amount of the customers. You can even send reminder SMS to the customers to pay their balance amount.

Over a period of time, this helps you in identifying the category of customers for whom you can increase the credit limit and other category of customers for whom you may decrease the credit limit for the ones who don’t pay on time. 

Estimated Bills or Quotations 

Let us assume a customer wishes to do a bulk purchase for a family function, before finalizing the order he will compare the rates etc. with other online or offline sellers in the market and just want an estimation for the order from you.

POS billing feature enables you to quote an estimate of that bulk purchase including your discounts, schemes, offers, etc. The estimate would obviously come with an expiry date post which the estimate bill won’t be valid.

Tracking E-Commerce Orders

It also enables you to sell your products online either through app or website. Apart from that you can even track your ecommerce sales on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can trace the status of your online transactions such as processing, packed, dispatched and delivered.

Customer Refunds

It is very essential to track the total refunds of your business and to determine the item which is mostly refunded by your customers. POS billing feature enables you to track the number of items refunded by the customers for a particular time period.

This helps in identifying the issue item(s) and purchasing other better products for the customer instead.

Shift Management

Businesses which operate on a shift basis often worry about tracking the sales made in each shift and identify the date and time when you got the most sales.

POS billing feature enables you to track the sales made in a particular shift. It also gives you important insights like how many transactions have been made, the average order value and other data for a particular shift. 

It is also important for employee management, track their performances and reward them accordingly.

Try Nukkad Shops Retail POS Solutions 

Thus having a POS software which has the billing feature is very important for the overall success of your business. Update with the latest POS technology and grow your business and retain happy customers.

Nukkadshops offers one stop POS software solutions for your billing and other business operations.

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