Nukkad Shops POS Features

POS features designed to grow your retail business

Billing & Cash Management

Streamline billing process, generate physical or e-receipts and manage cash. Generate bill for every transaction.

Inventory Management

Smart POS keeps you informed about inventory levels, get alerts before items run out, allows to create Purchase order & Goods receiving notes.

Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Suggestions

The POS software is smart for a reason ! The POS provides up-sell and cross-sell suggestions based on buyer behavior and previous purchases.

Sales, Financial Reports & Projections

Based on store’s purchase and sales data the POS offers multiple sales and financial reports as well as projections.

Analytics & Marketing Campaigns

The Point of Sale provides deep analytics around your customers, allows you to create cohorts and run targeted marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Programs

Enable loyalty program for your store. Connect with your customers at an emotive level, offer more value and improve your customer retention.

Mobile Store Front

With Nukkad Shops POS Solution you can take your store online in no time. Create a Mobile Store Front and sell online instantly.

Earn More

The POS solution is designed to help retailers increase their revenue through better customer retention, personalized sales suggestions and alternative revenue methods built into it.

Supports Multiple Counters

Nukkad Shops Point of Sale Software can work simultaneously across multiple counters.